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  • LED Gas Price Sign Display Price For Gas Station

    LED Gas Price Sign Display Price For Gas Station

    May 24, 2019

    Product Description Digital LED Price Signs Super Bright High Quality Epistar LEDs - 100,000 Hour Life Expectancy (11+ years) 160 Degree viewing Angle Light sensor with automatic dimming Built with very high quality, durable, light weight steel frame Waterproof / Weatherproof IP65 Wireless Remote control with up to 300 feet direct line of sight Simple Installation (no assembly Required) Available in Red, Green, Amber, Blue, White Change LED Gas Prices easily from within the store Reduce liability concerns from manual price changing Attach 2 signs back to back for double sided display Digital Heights: 8", 10", 12", 16", 24", 36" Mount onto existing signs or into new builds Control up to eight displays with one remote Low energy consumption Plexi Glass protects LED Lights from potential damage Create an image standard for multiple locations Multiple formats available: standard, condensed and international liter Link additional displays with ease User Friendly Remote Controller makes adjusting prices simple and easy Help your business grow more quickly Store never left unattended Grab Customers Attention Five (5) Year Factory Parts Warranty Specifications: 100,000 Hour Life Expectancy 120 Degree viewing Angle Available in Red, Green, Amber, Blue, White Digit Height: 8" 10" 12" 16" 24" 36" Digital Number Styles: 8.888 8.889 8.88 9/10 Temperature range: -10F - 140F Humidity Range: 10-80%RH Power Input: 100-240VAC , 60Hz/50Hz Brightness: 6000 cd/m2 over 8000 NITS Visibility >500m Wireless remote communication distance >300 feet Housing Material: Weatherproof Steel casing with clear acrylic front protective cover Waterproof rate: IP 65 2" super-slim profile and ultra-lightweight construction Installs into existing sign with little or no retrofitting Control up to eight displays with one remote Multiple formats available: standard, condensed and international liter Link additional displays with ease Light Sensor with automatic dimming Over 200 levels of automatic intensity adjustment Low energy consumption Input power 110V

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  • 2019 Mini LED Backlit Display And OLED HDR High-End Display Market

    2019 Mini LED Backlit Display And OLED HDR High-End Display Market

    Apr 12, 2019

    After nearly three years of development, Mini LED backlight technology will formally compete directly with OLED in the field of display in 2019. Comparing the characteristics of the two, the Mini LED backlight display has multi-zone local dimming function, the contrast effect is similar to that of the OLED display, and in some product lines, the cost of the Mini LED backlight display is even lower than that of the OLED display. For the traditional LCD panel factory, it will be an opportunity to upgrade the product specifications and have the opportunity to compete with OLED technology. “Cost” will be the key to whether the Mini LED backlight can be released. Since the difference between the Mini LED backlight technology and the traditional LED backlight technology is only the use of more Mini LED chips, it is only necessary for the panel factory to reinvest some equipment, such as the transfer of parts, inspection equipment, and redesign of the driver IC and Just select the substrate. In the case where the existing panel production line can be used, it is a painless upgrade for the panel factory. However, compared with the traditional LCD panel, the increase in the number of LEDs will of course lead to increased costs. Therefore, how to reduce the cost to reduce the price gap with the traditional LCD panel will be the key to the future popularity of the Mini LED backlight. From the perspective of the supply chain, the panel manufacturer in Taiwan is behind the capacity competition of OLED panels, so the Mini LED backlight technology solution is the most active. AUO and Innolux are jointly developed by their LED companies. For example, AUO and Lunda are together. Innolux is focusing on companies such as Rongchuang and Guangxu, and hopes to continue the competitiveness of LCD panels. In addition, Taiwan's LED manufacturer Jingyuan Optoelectronics launched customized products for major customers, and also has the ability to modify the equipment itself, mainly for high-end display and backlight applications. Chinese manufacturers are also actively developing Micro LED and Mini LED technology. For example, Sanan Optoelectronics established the first Micro LED epitaxial wafer and chip production line in the first quarter of 2019, and has developed a Micro LED product with a diameter of 20 microns. Sanan has formed an alliance with Samsung Electronics and has become the preferred supplier of Mini LEDs for Samsung Electronics. China's mainland panel maker BOE announced a partnership with US company Rohinni to form a joint venture to produce Micro LED and Mini LED solutions for display backlights. The main goal is to increase the speed, accuracy and yield of LED transfer to substrates. More cost-competitive products.

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  •  BARCOLED's The Video Wall Micro LED Display Was Launched Worldwide

    BARCOLED's The Video Wall Micro LED Display Was Launched Worldwide

    Jun 20, 2019

    At the InfoComm show in Orlando, Florida, at 2019, the latest version of BarCOLED's "The Wall Luxury" custom-made modular Micro LED display was launched worldwide. According to reports, "The Wall Luxury" Micro LED display can be customized according to any size and aspect ratio, bringing a new immersive visual experience, ensuring consumers can experience super high quality in a comfortable home. . The "The Wall Luxury" Micro LED display is targeted at luxury residential consumers and can be custom screen sizes from 73" to 292" and supports 2K to 8K resolution. With a thickness of less than 30mm, it is slim and has no borders. It can be customized with decorative frames, so it can be seamlessly blended with the surrounding environment without damaging the atmosphere required by the surrounding environment. BarcOLED Electronics Technology said that after understanding the lifestyle and preferences of the target consumers, the company launched this new luxury luxury version, in addition to the picture quality, also provides a personalized user experience. "The Wall Luxury" uses a self-illuminating diode with a working life of 100,000 hours. The display never needs to be turned off, but is converted into a digital "canvas" that best fits the internal needs of the owner's space and personal mood. When the display is not in use, the Ambient Mode can display a wide variety of selected art, from paintings, photos, videos to customized digital photo frames to maximize the taste of the owner. In addition, "The Wall Luxury" is equipped with the Quantum Processor Flex artificial intelligence quality engine, which provides the best picture quality on a case-by-case basis regardless of the original source format. This AI image quality engine analyzes millions of image data and automatically corrects the original low resolution based on the modular screen resolution. At the same time, Quantum HDR technology supports 2000 nits brightness and 120 Hz video frame rate.

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